The Magician's Assistant

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I just want the Magic Back...


You don't look at me the same
And it's hard to read what's on your mind
It's like you can't see that I'm there
My phantom lingers in the air
I'm just an odd trick of the light
I'm at a loss for what to do
I wave my hands but cannot catch your gaze
I say the words but they don't seem
To promise you are bound to me
My crystal ball has naught to say

I show my hands
And there is nothing up my sleeve
All of my cards are out to see
You'll get no parlor tricks from me
I need to know
If I can save our act at all
Or did I make you disappear
Before the final curtain call

Sometimes it's like we'll worlds apart
And the illusions obscure what we feel
I need to make this one thing clear
There are no smoke and mirrors here
Everything in my heart is real
So is it all just in my mind
Am I seeing more than what is here
Is there a chance you'll still choose me
And everything I've come to see
Is just projection of my fear

The curtains rise
And Now I'm forced to hide the tears I cry
And no one sees the specter of my fear
And all I can do now is try
To carry on
With all the doubts that haunt my dreams each night
I need to know that I still have the right
To have you at my side

Now, for my next trick I need a volunteer
Someone to stay around without the doubt and fear
If love is war then my heart I want you to commandeer
Not for the dough, you know, more than a common Dear
You mysteriously rose among the clouds
I became hypnotized by your body, beauty and style
Over time we would travel
Our love would amaze the crowds
You were aroused and wowed
Now you would barely smile
And I thought…
That I was magic to you
Wish I could Abracadabra the pieces to put us back together
But lack the voodoo
Your lack of faith is disturbing, Darling what happened to you
The passion in you is passive; we don’t act like we used to
When good loving turns to awkward discussions
Broken promises Circumvented through bluffing
It’s an illusion we’re disillusioned for nothing
The big reveal only panics the heart’s percussion
And I knowe that these conundrums done left me cumbersome
You were never a one and done, you were one of one
I could scorch the earth with the purpose to find someone…Else…
But nothing’s worse than an imitation
When searching for realness through smoke and mirrors
I just want to see clear. I’m just wanting you near
So now the greatest act for the rest of my life’s career
Is to just bring back what I once made disappear…and you’re here.

Remember me
Because I've loved you since we took the stage
I carry all the magic that we made
And there is only more to come
My heart is yours
My words are more than smoke upon the air
I need to know you love me, you still care
Because for me you're still the one

And I just Want the Magic Back
I just want the Magic Back


from Great and Powerful, released March 17, 2017
S. Duncan, C. Blount (Lyrics and Arangement)
S. Duncan, C. Blount, J. Hasson (Vocals)
S. Duncan (Guitar)
P. Krauss (Piano)
J. Pope (Percussion)
R. Farley (Synth)
J. Hasson (Cello)
V. Johnson (Bass Guitar)
G. Lappier (Ambient Guitar)


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